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We are a family-owned enterprise specializing in the production and sale of makeup brushes, synthetic fibers, goat hair, pony hair, and related products. Our family has been involved in the natural hair industry since the 1990s and has built a strong reputation in China. In June 2011, we established a makeup brush processing factory, primarily focused on domestic business processing and sales. In 2016, we launched the Sophienia cosmetic brush brand, expanding our presence in the international market. We possess a deep understanding of every aspect of makeup brush manufacturing and strive to assist our customers with our limited resources.

We are committed to meeting customer needs, continuously improving product quality and technological innovation, and creating a more beautiful, confident, and unique makeup experience for customers. Our vision is to be the most trusted and respected partner in the industry, surpassing customer expectations through continuous development and innovation, and achieving mutual success for the company and our customers.

Our Factory & Showroom

Discover the Birthplace of Cosmetic Brushes - Located in Luyi County, Henan Province

Located in Luyi County, Henan Province, known as the "Land of Cosmetic Brushes," our company leads the industry with innovative manufacturing and a premium brand. We have a standardized production and management system, along with a dust-free workshop, ensuring the reliability of our product quality.

Equipped with Comprehensive Production Facilities - Enhancing Precision and Quality

To meet the needs of our customers, we have invested in advanced production equipment, including:

With our advanced production equipment, we maintain strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. Each piece undergoes rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance and longevity. Our dedication to precision and craftsmanship drives us to deliver cosmetic brushes that exceed expectations.

Experience the difference that our cutting-edge production facilities make. From dyeing to assembly, every step is meticulously executed to create cosmetic brushes of unparalleled quality. Choose our products and embrace the artistry of beauty.

Our fabulous crew​

Our team is a group of passionate and knowledgeable individuals in the cosmetics brush industry. With expertise in design, engineering, production, and sales, we work together to meet our clients' needs. Our designers create unique and stylish brush designs, while our engineers ensure high-quality production processes. Our production technicians have extensive experience and craftsmanship, and our sales representatives provide excellent customer service. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch products and services to our clients, striving for excellence in everything we do.

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Gerry Yan

Sale Manager

Sophie Shang

Production Manager​

David Shang

Chief craftsman​

Mary Sang